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About Me


Nikki Redmond M.Msc, CLC

A manifestation expert, mindset coach and spiritual mentor for woman. I am a metaphysicist and advanced multi dimensional energy healing Practitioner. My greatest love is helping women all over the world discover self mastery and manifest the life they desire. I have successfully used the principles of manifestation, mastering emotions through the universal law of vibration to help thousands of women gain spiritual and financial freedom.
Together we will push past limitations, Fine tune your goals, and Manifest your dreams. As a advanced spiritual practitioner we will remove your blockages and elevate your vibration so you can thrive in todays world.

Using Advanced No touch energy healing we will recalibrate your energy and vibrate above fear. You will discover how to step Into your power and align with your inner truth. You’ll leave every session feeling infinite relief, having cleared years of blockages and baggage that no longer serves you

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